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A Full program for a well trained technician

Would you trust an individual to perform plastic surgery on you who didn't go to medical school? They took a 3 day traveling workshop and got a certificate the instructor printed out that certified them. They have the certificate and a kit to perform breast implants.


Does this sound like a good idea?


Well, this is how most permanent makeup/microblading training workshops operate. They teach you one single procedure with no training in the fundamentals what so ever. It is impossible to learn this in a 2 day to two week workshop. They teach a student how to put product into the skin but the how, why and when not too is left out. Microblading is simply a modality of permanent makeup and not a new or unique treatment. It requires the same fundamental education and knowledge as permanent makeup. 

It is essential to be educated properly. A technician puts the public at risk if he/she is not properly educated. Not only are these workshops not licensed or inspected by SNHD but they are not recognized as valid training for licensing. Knowing skin anatomy, skin biology, color theory, contraindications, chemistry, local law and infection control is a must. A well rounded education including machine work and microblading helps a technician succeed

Being introduced to eyebrows, eyeliner and lips during training helps students decide what they like best and what they don't care for. A diverse training makes for a more skilled technician. This type of education, most importantly helps to protect the public and that is good for the industry as a whole.

It is our responsibility as ethical trainers to fully educate new students so they can have all the appropriate tools and skills. 

Check out our permanent makeup virtual classroom curriculum!

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