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Permanent Makeup & Microblading Programs

Microblading Certification


Our Microblading Certification Course is the perfect way to begin your journey as a microblading artist. Our virtual classroom provides an engaging and interactive learning experience, allowing you to master the fundamentals of color theory, design, and application. And with our all-inclusive kit, you'll have everything you need to get started and succeed in this exciting field. 

Upon completion of the course and student is certified, he or she is eligible to attend in person training to work on live models. 


Fundemental microblading course. 

Medical Tattoo - Areola Repigmantation & Scar Camo


Our Permanent Makeup School offers a unique course on Aerola re-Pigmentation & Scar Camo. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the latest methods and techniques for reconstructive tattooing, specifically for breast re-pigmentation and camouflage of scars. Join our course and discover how you can help transform lives through the power of permanent makeup.


2 day workshop. 1 day virtual and 1 day in clinic April 7th, 2024. Must have SNHD apprenticeship or body art card.

Mentor Program & BBP Certification - Apprenticeship


Become a licensed permanent makeup professional with our hands-on apprenticeship program. Available as an add-on to our fundamental programs, our apprenticeship program is designed to give you the skills and techniques needed to excel in the industry with supervised in clinic model work. With our experienced instructors and personalized training, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge to succeed in your permanent makeup career.  You will get your apprentice card and be able to pick up your license in 6 months.


Price depends on program and length of mentorship. 

Permanent Makeup Certification


Are you ready to pursue a career in permanent makeup application? Our Permanent Makeup Certification program has got you covered. Our comprehensive lessons cover all the essential techniques for applying permanent makeup, including eyeliner, lips, and eyebrows, as well as lessons on color theory and skin anatomy. The program also includes an introduction to microblading. Plus, our virtual classroom ensures you can complete the course from anywhere in the world. We provide all the necessary tools, including a kit that contains a machine, pigments, design tools, microblading tools and practice skins.


Fundemental PMU course .

Hyper realistic Toenail and Fingernail Tattoo


If you're interested in learning the art of Toenail and Fingernail Tattooing, our Permanent Makeup school has the perfect course for you. This advanced course is specifically designed for individuals who have lost their fingernails or toenails. Our expert instructors will show you how to create realistic 3D tattoos that will bring back your confidence. Join us today and become a certified Toenail and Fingernail tattoo artist. 


2 day workshop. 1 day virtual and 1 day in clinic.  March 10th 2024. Class starts at 9 am.  Must have SNHD apprentice or body art card. 

Single Day In Person Clinic Training


Our in-person training single day option is designed for students who are looking for additional model work and supervised training to enhance their skills. This program is only available to current students or those that have received certification through us. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on learning in a small group setting, so you get the personalized attention you need to succeed. Take the next step in advancing your career and enroll in our in-person training program today.


Single day training and supervised live model work. Day is scheduled with academy. We typically need 30+ days in advance to schedule day. Must already have an apprentice card under our mentors to purchase this option. 



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